Aims and Activities

The Gloucestershire Bat Group works to conserve and educate; we both carry out active conservation projects for bats and also undertake a range of educational projects to inform the public about these much misunderstood creatures.

The group aims to assist the public with enquiries and concerns regarding bats and to provide educational activities, such as bat walks, and talks (if your organisation would like a talk on bats, please contact us and we will attempt to provide a speaker).

We work closely with many other conservation organisations, such as Natural England, The Bat Conservation Trust, the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust and the Cotswold Water Park Society. Many of our members are also very actively involved in the National Bat Monitoring Program.

Some members care for injured or orphan bats, preparing them for re-release into the wild.

Please note however that the bat group does not carry out any form of professional survey work, and is not able to assist with issues related to planning or development. For information related to bats and planning please contact the Bat Conservation Trust or Natural England.


If you're interested in bats, and want to become more involved, please contact us.


We no longer have a formal system for training Volunteer Bat Roost Volunteers (VBRV)within Gloucestershire. However, bat group members interested in working towards their licence can build up a log of their experience to help support their application.


Records of bats are vital for building a picture of species distribution and abundance in the county, and nationally. If you see or hear a bat in Gloucestershire, you can submit your record electronically  to the Gloucestershire Centre for Environmental Records (GCER). Bat recorders can also submit their records to GCER via Living Record, an online recording system. To see a leaflet on Living Record and how to use it click here.

Environmental Consultants looking to obtain bat records as part of a desktop study should also contact GCER, not the bat group directly.